UV Light 15W Mobile Phone Wireless Charging

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Charge your phone and Sterilize your valuables at the same time.



1. The sterilizer features wireless charging and ultraviolet sterilization. The mobile phone sterilizer is multipurpose and features high efficiency and safety.
2. The 99.9% ultraviolet sterilization for double health index.
3. With 10W fast charge, you can charge as soon as you put it, safe and fast charging, the mobile phone is no longer tied by cables.
4. With the new magnetic design, the ultraviolet light will automatically turn off when the cover is opened to avoid harm to the eyes.
5. Large space capacity.


Name: Mobile Phone Sterilizer

Input: 5V / 2A; 9V / 2A

Wireless charging output: 15W (Max)

UV output: 2W (Max)

Size: about 210 * 120 * 62 mm/8.27*4.72*2.44in

Weight: about 300g

Color: white

Material: ABS + PC

Rated frequency: 110-205KHz

Wireless charging conversion rate: 73%

Transmission distance: less than 6mm

UV wavelength: 253.7nm

Disinfection time: 5 minutes

Internal space: L190 * W105 * H30mm/ about 7.48*4.13*1.18in

Lamp life: 20000h

Maximum capacity: 6.5-inch mobile phone

UV Light 15W Mobile Phone Wireless Charging
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